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Maximize Network Performance With High Speed Data

Being in a highly evolving industry for 22 years has allowed us to really understand what it takes to be competitive. Our differentiating factor has been the ability to provide a flexible network attuned to customer needs. We always look to innovate and add new cutting edge products that our customers will need in the future, which ensures that we can continue to provide the best possible services. As Data access becomes more critical to businesses, the number one issue has become reliability, not speed or features

Reliable High Speed Data

Join satisfied customers and businesses around the United States who have switched to high speed data from Axxess Networks.


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Axxess Networks High Speed Data Benefits

With the ability to run multiple services on dedicated paths within the same pipe, Axxess Networks can offer complex solutions without creating a complicated network, at a manageable price point.

Our Data Solutions:

Fiber Optics: Axxess Networks has made substantial investment in developing a large Fiber footprint across the Continental U.S. offering speeds of up to 100 Gig.

Ethernet Over Copper: Axxess Networks can offer a quick turn around time and lower cost to customers with locations close to the Central Office using Ethernet over Copper. Speeds of up to 45 Meg is available through this technology.

T-1: Customers who are in remote locations and do not have a need for high speed services, can benefit fromAxxess Networks T-1 services.

Being one of the most experienced CLECs we have seen many revolutions in the industry, allowing us to have a core competency for anticipating future networking trends and solutions

Cutting Edge Carrier: Being a CLEC has really made us focus on how we can deliver the right and effective solutions for our customers. In turn this has created a technically driven culture that has facilitated our development of certain services that other carrier do not offer

99% Customer Retention Rate: We are proud to have earned the trust of our customers for over 20 years. This is what has resulted in our industry leading 99% customer retention rate

Facilities Based Carrier: Fully regulated Facilities Based CLEC that has a nationwide footprint for all of our services and the ability to deliver services worldwide. Our Customers span a portfolio of organizations across different industries including government, carrier, enterprise, non-profit and education.

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