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The Latest In Call Center Technology

The Axxess Network Hosted PBX / VoIP Cloud Telecommunications platform is a telephony service, where the phone system control box (PBX) is not placed on site at your company location, but the call processing is distributed from secure servers in our data centers. Also referred to as Cloud based. The VoIP phones in the company communicate over a secure data connection through the internet to our data centers. This communication is controlled by the onsite router at your location and our Enterprise grade Session Border Controllers (SBC)

Unified Communications

Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) is the integration of Telephony (IP voice) with real-time communication applications such as instant messaging (chat), presence, video conferencing, data sharing, whiteboards, call control and speech recognition with traditional communication services such as unified messaging (voicemail, e-mail, SMS and fax). Axxess Network provides a full range of Unified Communications leveraging SIP and WebRTC applications.

Cloud Call Center

Axxess Network Cloud Call Center provides real-time business intelligence!

Our Cloud Call Center empowers your call center managers. We provide the real time business analytics to help make factually based decisions. Our solution allows deep insight into the call flow mechanics and allows your call center managers to modify in a real time how to best maximize the productivity within your call center.

It renders to both the call center manager and agent the ease to use tools to enhance their productivity.

Since Axxess Network Call Center is Hosted in the Cloud, the solution has a lower total cost of ownership, and mitigate against technology obsolesce by always offering its entire customer base the latest features and functionality without expensive equipment upgrades.

We offer our Call Center Managers unequalled control and visibility into their call center environment through online reporting, call recording and Dashboard and administration portal tools. Additionality since our Call Center solution is Cloud based, anyone can be a part of the call center with the same expansive features set, from any location even the home based agent. We refer to this as Feature Parity across the entire enterprise regardless of the work environment.

Call Center Management

Supervisors and managers can instantly access call data to analyze and potentially modify call center operations and call flow to reach optimal productivity. Agents can quickly identify and answer incoming calls, manage active calls. Managers can view the worker’s availability, compare it to the norm, and view their performance history. Supervisors can use the client to monitor agent and queue activity in real-time, manage active and queued calls and run real-time and historical reports on agent and queue performance.

Statistics and Analysis

With our Cloud-based Call Center solution Axxess Network provides a comprehensive set of in-depth, real-time and historical data on agent, queue activity, utilization and overall call center performance. Accessible on-demand via the web-based client or as scheduled reports delivered via email – our call center provides a broad set of reports to help maximize the performance of your organization’s call center. Axxess Network Hosted PBX / VoIP Cloud Telecommunications platform can also provide custom reports to support the unique business processes and monitoring requirements.


Mobility is a must have for a business to operate. Organizations use mobility to improve efficiency and productivity, perhaps even to gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, employees are demanding greater flexibility to preform work functions regardless of their physical location. It is no longer enough to give employees work tools only when they are in the office. According to a recent Frost & Sullivan survey of 263 C-level executives revealed that 85% of respondents say mobile phones are used in their organizations; 66% consider them the most popular endpoint in use, higher than any other telephony device.

Today’s fast paced work climate requires access whenever and wherever. This adds an increased strain on the IT team to deliver these tools in an accessible yet secure fashion.

Axxess Network Hosted PBX / VoIP Cloud Telecommunications platform Mobility suite allows your organization to effectively and securely collaborate regardless of the employee’s location

  • A Mobile solution for all employees, regardless of device
  • Add instant messaging and presence for mobile workers
  • Integrated phone directory
  • Extension dialing from mobile devices
  • Ability to make and receive work calls from your iPhone and Android devices

Partial Features Lists:

Feature Description Anywhere (Twinning): Enables users to receive calls on mobile device and transfer calls seamlessly with desk phone. Enables users to place outgoing calls from mobile device using business caller ID. Busy Lamp Field (line monitor): Enables a user to view the status (on hook, off hook) of another extension or DID

Shared Call Appearance: Enables multiple devices (handsets) to have an appearance of an extension or DID, and share calls between multiple devices. Alternate Numbers: Enables users to have more than one inbound telephone number, both domestic and international for receiving calls

Call Barge: Enables the user to barge-in on the call if already answered, creating a three-way call. Push to Talk (Intercom): Enables user to intercom (1 to 1) other users in the organization on their speakerphone.

Directed Call Pickup: Enables a user to answer a call directed to another phone in their group. Do Not Disturb: Allows users to set their station as unavailable so that incoming calls are given a busy treatment.

Remote Office: Enables users to access and use their Axxess Network service from any end point, on-net or off-net (for example, home office, mobile phone).

Selective Call Acceptance / Rejection: Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be allowed or rejected.

Simultaneous Ring: Enables users to have multiple phones ring (up to 10) simultaneously when any calls are received on their Axxess Network phone number.

Speed Dial: Enables users one or two digit codes to call up to 100 speed dial numbers. Priority Alert: Ring your phone with a distinctive ring when pre-defined criteria, such as phone number, time of day or day of week, are met.

Anonymous Call Rejection: Enables a user to reject calls from anonymous parties who have explicitly restricted their Caller ID.

Call Forward Selective: Enables a user to define criteria that causes certain incoming calls to be redirected to another destination.

Call Park/Call Retrieve: Enables a user to hold a call and to retrieve it from another station within the group.

Call Pickup: Enables a user to answer any ringing line within their pick-up group.

Hoteling: Enables a user (guest) to login to another phone and assume it as their primary phone for daily use and then revert back to the default (host) profile.

WebRTC : Connect Desktop application that integrates with more than 20 CRM applications to provide a screen-pop when looking up caller ID info in leading CRMs, click-to-call, access to call settings, enterprise phone presence, and more.