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Project Management

Installing a phone system can be extremely disruptive to any business. But this is only one of many reasons why companies dread new technology changes. If not planned out correctly, long-term stress and inevitable disasters accompany most phone installs. At Axxess Networks we assign only experienced Project Managers . . . to “all” new accounts.  Our Project Managers will deliver “hand holding” support through the implementation and installation process ensuring you a smooth beginning and a strong foundation moving forward.

Over many years and thousands of installations Axxess Networks has developed a best practice approach to a seamless installation and cutover process. Axxess Networks detailed processes and planning takes the stress out of the “cutover” and ensures that nothing is missed or left to chance. We have a multiphase approach to the installation that will ease your organization through the process of implementing your new phone system. Since the implementation of your new Hosted VoIP phone system can mean a smooth installation or a rocky one at Axxess Networks we pay close attention to this.  If your experience is rocky to start, many times it remains rocky.  We have seen that a bad installation generally leads to a cancellation of service within 3 months. Getting it right from the start is the critical. “We will get it right!”