5 Business Benefits of Contact Center as a Service (CcaaS)

If you are overseeing a call or contact center, it’s essential to keep your customers satisfied. You can enhance their experience using a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). It’s easy to get contact and call center mixed up, as there is a difference. Today, we are focusing on the fantastic aspects of a contact center, so let’s break down what a contact center is. 

What is a Contact Center as a Service? 

Contact center as a service (CCaaS) is a cloud-based solution which supplies features to route any inbound customer touchpoints to a suitable representative. A traditional call center handles inbound phone calls. Contact centers not only handle inbound calls, but all the digital channels, as well. This includes live chats, social media messages, and emails. In a lot of cases, customers use more than one of these channels to contact someone – to ensure their messages are seen. 

Why Contact Center as a Service? 

Contact center as a service is a cloud-based service and is run from servers or data centers hosted by the CCaaS provider. This allows businesses to run a virtual contact center and employ workers no matter where they are based. With more workers working remotely, making the move to a cloud based CCaaS can provide several business benefits. 

Contact Center as a Service is Cost-Effective 

Transitioning to a cloud-based service that can support multi-channel touchpoints mimics the cost savings that most as-a-service models offer. When you use cloud-based services, there are no significant hardware investments, and as a result, no hardware to keep and support. Better yet, the provider offers technical support, so you don’t need to hire IT staff. 

Contact Center as a Service is Scalable 

A contact center as a solution allows businesses to scale quickly to meet the growth of the company and customer demands; including adding and removing users. There’s no need to buy capacity or software licenses which may go unused. When you have CCaaS, you only pay for what you’re using. 

CCaaS Provides a Better Customer Experience 

Customers are taking advantage of all channels available to them in order to contact you; not just the phone. They’re using chats, your social channels, and sending emails. CCaaS solutions support the multi-channel touchpoints. Your customer service reps can respond to your customers’ preferred method of contact; whether it’s the phone, Facebook Messenger, live chat, or even text message. The result? Fast response times and lower wait times. 

CCaaS Provides a Better Employee Experience 

A traditional contact center limits the efficiency of its reps. Departments can be siloed and information isn’t always accessible. Outdated technology limits how representatives interact with customers and how they retrieve data. Reps can seem uninformed. This can lead to both customers and representatives getting frustrated and discouraged. 

A CCaaS creates a hub that gathers all information into a single source. This creates one central location for information with no need to go back and forth between multiple sources. Customer information, such as purchase or billing history, is available right on screen as well as all demographic and behavioral data. Customer satisfaction not only increases, but the customer service reps’ satisfaction increases, as well. 

CCaaS Provides Robust Reporting and Analytics 

With a traditional call center, you might be able to see hold times and how long reps are staying on a call. If you want to go above and beyond for your customers, a CCaaS solution can help you meet those standards. A CCaaS allows you to collect, evaluate, and use the data that’s gathered. Most CCaaS providers offer the ability to examine the touchpoints across all channels to make any necessary improvements or enhancements. 

Here is some of the reporting data available to you with a CCaaS: 

  • Abandoned calls 
  • Record and review calls 
  • Retrieve call scripts 
  • Number of outbound and inbound calls 
  • Custom reports and templates 

Implement CCaaS Today with Axxess Networks 

An Axxess Networks Contact Center platform (CCaaS) has everything you need to deploy a contact center in the cloud. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we’ll listen to how a CCaaS will meet YOUR needs. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation on how we can help meet your needs and exceed your expectations.