Our Unified Communications Platform enables your business communication capabilities to reach new heights. We offer the opportunity to engage with solutions that are virtual, flexible, and invaluable to your company.

Unified Communications with


Legacy systems are on their way out, and UCaaS is stepping in! These Hosted PBX solutions are available for all businesses that need more flexibility, reliability, and scalability. With our Hosted Business Phones, all software is in the cloud, making these devices easy to set upmaintain, and even bring on the go!  

You also receive access via desktop/mobile, making this solution even more versatileChange features instantly, or even access work information with your cell while commuting! A Unified Communications platform is the perfect fit for any company wanting flexibility. 

Why Axxess Networks?

When you choose Axxess Networks, you can trust that we’ll be there for you every step of the way. From set-up and installation to training all users and technical support. We treat each and every customer the way we would want to be treated. At Axxess, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all your cloud communication needs, no matter your business size!

Included with UCaaS


All Users receive executive level phones with Color LCD Displays, HD Voice and Bluetooth, and On-demand call recording. Phones come pre-programmed and ready to use!


AXX Mobile allows for ease of use from anywhere! Transfer calls easily between cell and office phone, enable remote call recording, see presence of every user from mobile device, and so much more!


Axxess comes with over 100+ Integrations built in! Easily Screen Pop, Click-to-Dial, Chat, Screen/file share, view presence and so on! Hosted PBX makes integrating a breeze!


Axxess Network provides you with a security-enabled edge device for every location to ensure great quality of service with 24/7 cloud-based monitoring.

Take Your Communications With You

One of the most exciting benefits to our Hosted PBX and Unified Communications Platform is the ability to take your communications with you anywhere! Thanks to our Mobile App Integration and Desktop App you can easily access your businesses communication platform from anywhere at anytime.

We’re here for you, wherever here may be.

Features of UCaaS

Click to Call


Disaster Recovery

Screen Share

Video Telephony

Auto Attendant

Call Center


SMS/Instant Messaging

Call Logs


Are You a Reseller?

At Axxess Networks, we pride ourselves on being our channel partners favorite partner! We work with partners of all sizes to provide them with a solution that puts them in control. We give you complete control over your clients, while supplying you with the support you need to maintain their communication solutions.

Over 300+ Integrations