Faxing Services

Add hosted faxing to any of our services and start faxing from anywhere. This secure and reliable cloudbased solution lets you save money and easily communicate with no physical hardware needed. 

Benefits Of Hosted Fax For Business

The Benefits Of Faxing Without The Hassle Of Traditional Faxing

Traditional fax machines are obsolete but the need for faxing in your business is still necessary. Get hosted fax services with Axxess and fax with ease, from anywhere.  

End-To-End Encryption

Keeps your information secure from start to finish and in the cloud.

Ease Of Use

Easy to install and user-friendly operation gets things done faster.

E-fax is included with every physical fax line, providing you with the added flexibility of hosted faxing.

Cut The Infrastructure and Increases Uptime to 99.999%

Anywhere Access

Send and receive faxes on any device. With hosted faxing, all you need is access to the cloud.

Unlimited Scalability

Easily add extra lines as your needs increase, all from an intuitive platform.

Global reliability

Maintain business continuity with geo-redundancy that ensures 99.999% uptime.