HIPAA-Compliant Encrypted SMS App

Bridge the communication and collaboration gap between doctors, nurses, specialists, and staff. 

More than just texting

Real-Time, Secure, HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Communication Platform

Axxess Networks HIPAA-Compliant Chat App provides a real-time, secure, HIPAA-compliant healthcare communication platform that connects every care team member and facilitates effective, patient-focused collaboration. 

Seamlessly navigate between secure texting, voice, and video calls and capture and share images, video, and audio all within a HIPAA-compliant app. 

Boost Care Team Collaboration

Fostering seamless collaboration among all members of the care team to enhance patient-centered effectiveness. 

Device Agnostic

Our platform has been optimized for all kinds of devices and operating systems, so you can send texts on the systems you've come to know and love.

HIPAA-compliant security

Our platform ensures every piece of sensitive patient data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with industry regulations.

Capture & Share Content

Sharing is caring, and our platform makes it easy! Send and receive images, documents, or multimedia files instantly and securely, making internal and external collaboration better than ever.

Customized Alerts & Behaviors

Stay informed and in control of your messaging experience by tailoring your alerts and system behaviors to your communication style.

Directory integration

No need to start from scratch—use with what you've got! Our platform easily integrates with your existing directories, making it easy to manage users and ensuring everyone stays connected.

Customizable quick message list

Instantly organize your quick message list so your most important and frequently used messages are always at your fingertips.

EMR integration

Sync your EMR platform with our platform instantly, streamlining your workflows and making information exchange a breeze.

Receipt & request tracking

Keep tabs on your messages effortlessly with Axion. Our tracking features let you see when messages are delivered and keep an eye on requests, so you're always on top of things.

Personal group messaging

Create and manage group messages for specific teams, topics, and more so you can keep your discussions on track and on time.

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Industry-Leading Security

Our platform’s equipped with the strongest encryption standard available so you can rest easy knowing each byte of data is as secure as can be. 

Cloud pass-thru

Storing messages and PHI on YOUR server significantly lowers security risk. 

Third-party integration

Integrate with third-party platforms using HL7, FHIR, REST APIs and JSON. 

Advanced encryption

Peer to Peer RSA 2048 bit and AES 256 bit encryption; SOC 2 Type 2 Certified. 


Get You Up and Running in Hours, Not Days

Our quick, three-step integration means you’re:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Any team member can set up and use the platform with ease, thanks to our built-in user guide. 

Human-First Support

No matter when you need it, our team is ready to help and answer questions 24/7/365.


Keep All Important Patient Data in One Secure Location

Provide client-side archive to support compliance & auditing needs.

Lives Behind Your Firewall

We store all your communication and sensitive healthcare information behind the security you already have, so you can enjoy an extra level of protection.  

Accessible From Anywhere

No matter if you’re in the hospital, clinic, or on the go, our platform allows you to view important information quickly, easily, and securely.  

Turn Our Platform into a Powerhouse of Patient Care With These Incredible Add-Ons

From virtually signing referrals to sharing on-call schedules, these additional capabilities give your team the tools they need to give the highest levels of care to any patient. 

Snap & Sign

Care team members can easily create, sign, and share PDFs, right from the App

Visit path

Ensure staff safety in the field and quickly adapt to last-minute service needs

Assisted calling

A Caller ID masking solution to place calls without exposing the care team’s direct line or personal phone numbers

On-call scheduling

Give your care team the agility to view, adjust, and share on-call schedules