5 Characteristics of Excellent VCaaS Providers 

Thanks to the pandemic, video conferencing has quickly become a staple in the American workforce, and its popularity shows no signs of waning. In fact, approximately 90% of all American businesses have already invested in video conferencing technology of some kind! And for many MSPs in the communication space, this demand for video conferencing has driven them to find a way to integrate it into their current offering. Thus, the demand for video conferencing as a service (VCaaS) was born! If you’re a reseller looking for the perfect VCaaS partner, this is the blog for you. Below we give you five characteristics to look for when you’re picking the perfect provider. Happy hunting! 

1. They’re Equipped with the Latest & Best Security Measures 

You share a lot of sensitive data during video conferences, from proprietary project details to confidential legal information. So, finding VCaaS providers that put security first is an absolute must. Check for solutions that have two-factor authentication, encryption capabilities, manual participant management options, and more. The last thing your clients need is to be Zoom bombed

2. They Offer Simple Integrations to the Programs You Use 

Most VCaaS providers offer hundreds of integration options to their customers, and that’s great. But it’s important that these integrations are simple, and don’t require you (or your clients) to learn a whole different tool to do it. Be sure the VCaaS providers you’re researching have plug-and-play integrations for your UCaaS tools, instant messaging platforms, project management software, and any other program your teams use frequently.  

3. They Provide Optimized Video & Voice Capabilities 

No one wants their video conferencing software to provide blurry visuals, garbled audio, or highlight the wrong noise during a meeting. So, it’s important that any VCaaS providers you’re vetting offer HD quality video quality, background noise suppression, and speech enhancement options on their platform. That way your users can hear, be heard, and automatically silence any unwanted background noise. 

4. Their VCaaS Solution is Compatible with the Most Hardware Possible 

Typically, VCaaS providers aim to make their products accessible by anyone on any type of hardware. But there can be exceptions. Check and see if the VCaaS providers your considering work well with your current office phones, web cameras, and other conferencing tools. 

5. They Provide Reliable Access to Future-Proof Video Conferencing Features 

With 51% of industry experts predicting that video conferencing will surpass AI in terms of importance, finding the VCaaS providers that consistently add new and improved features to their offerings is a must. It’ll keep your offering fresh and new, providing your customers with what they need before they realize they need it. Some of the latest video conferencing features include: 

  • Webinar and live broadcasting features 
  • HD streaming capabilities 
  • Huddle & Agile meeting room support 
  • And so much more! 

Quick Tip: VCaaS providers typically manage everything on your behalf – from product updates to security capabilities. During your discovery process, ask about how frequently these updates occur, what kind of innovations are planned in the next few months, etc. 

Partner with One of the Top VCaaS Providers Today! 

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