7 VoIP Phone System Benefits 

How is your business phone system? Are you still using a POTS (plain old telephone system) line? It may be time to upgrade to a VoIP phone system. There are several reasons why a VoIP phone system is just what your business and employees need to take your performance to the next level. Read on to learn more about just a few of the business benefits of a VoIP phone system.  

What is a VoIP Phone System? 

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol. If you have heard the term “cloud-based phone system,” that person was talking about VoIP. A VoIP phone system is a system operated over internet lines instead of traditional phone lines. The customer does not pay a traditional phone company for service.  

3 Benefits for Employees 

As you make decisions for your business, it is important to consider how your decisions will affect your personnel. In this section, we will explore three benefits of a VoIP phone system for your employees.  

Improved Productivity 

When workers are given tools that have more features and functions, they can become more effective and efficient. This holds true for phone features too. A VoIP phone system allows employees to pull from a variety of options that are convenient and flexible, improving their processes as a result. Plus, with the ability to integrate with existing tools, like MS Teams and CRMS, your team can go a step further, faster with the right phone system.  


With the number of employees working from home, at least part-time, rising 159% in the past decade, remote and hybrid work models are more popular than ever. Due to this shift, workers need the ability to access work phone lines and phone features that are traditionally only available while in the office. A VoIP phone system gives anyone with an internet connection access to the system while still keeping workers’ personal information private.  

Mobile Application/Soft Phones 

 Along with the mobility of the VoIP phone system comes the ability to utilize a softphone or mobile application. In order to further support phone mobility, VoIP phone systems have the ability to turn any mobile device into a work phone. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, and more.  

4 Benefits for Employers 

Now that we have gone over some of the perks of a VoIP system for your employees, it’s time to look at the benefits to you and your business. The following four benefits just scrape the surface of why a VoIP phone system would be a great option for you.  


The savings of a VoIP phone system over traditional phone service is impressive. You may wonder why this savings occurs. Earlier we discussed that phone service comes through internet lines instead of phone lines. This in itself saves customers money.  

With a plain old telephone system, or POTS, customers are at the mercy of their phone service suppliers. The phone company must send a technician to run and install phone lines. These technicians must also come on-site to run additional lines, work on faulty lines, or troubleshoot issues that may arise. Each of these visits cost that customer exorbitant fees on top of any of their regular charges. 

A VoIP phone system is offered at a low monthly per-user fee. This means you and your employees can make as many phone calls as you want to wherever in the world you want and your bill will not increase.  


Scalability is important for the growth of your business. If you’re adding employees, you are more than likely going to want to outfit them with a device that gives them access to your communications solution. At the very least, you will need to add them as a user to your paid service. With VoIP solutions, this is as easy as making a phone call to your provider with no need for technician visits or any other costly endeavors.  


When you are running a business, it’s important to ensure that your systems are up and running. A VoIP phone system is more reliable than a POTS. Due to the geo-redundancy of VoIP, there is little to no downtime. This includes power outages or any other issues that may interrupt service.  


Another great feature of a VoIP phone system is that it is easily integrated with a UCaaS system. A UCaaS system combines your VoIP system with all of your communications including video, email, messaging, and more. Once your business brings one system to the cloud, it’s easy to see why you would want to combine all forms of communication into one simple system. 

Why Companies Are Going Hosted 

Maybe you’ve gotten to the end of the list and said to yourself, “those all sound great, but can these benefits really apply to me?” Based on the feedback from the market, the answer is a resounding yes! Not only are companies enjoying the benefits we listed, but they’re also seeing additional benefits with Axxess Networks’ VoIP phone system: 

  • They’ve eliminated their current phone bill and/or the voice portion of a bundle they have with another service provider. 
  • They’re not required to purchase new hardware, or any hardware at all. And even if they do decide to invest, we provide the phones for free, along with hands-on installation with zero money down. 
  • Since there’s no on-site equipment, companies have been able to work through power outages or internet service interruptions by simply forwarding their calls to their cell phones using our mobile apps. 
  • No limited call paths. We provide every extension with its own call path, ensuring customers never get a busy signal.    

Ready to Learn More? 

If you are interested in learning more about a VoIP phone system and how it can combine with a UCaaS system, the friendly folks at Axxess Networks are here for you.  Our solutions are designed with you and your employees in mind and are packed with business-benefitting features. Contact us today to get started with a better way to communicate!