Big Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing as a Service, or VCaaS, has now become an integral part of business today. Whether you are a seasoned pro and have been using video conferencing for years, or if you are new to using video services for business, it is important to know all of the benefits of video conferencing that can support your business.

Getting to Know the Benefits of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a seamless tool that helps organizations connect with those who cannot be physically present. From 2005 to 2019, remote workforce increased 140%. This number has grown even more since the 2020 pandemic.  To properly function, you need a camera and microphone or a phone to call in with. Many devices, such as laptops, tablets, and cellphones, already come with the camera and microphone. Often times, you don’t even need a camera to participate in the video conference. Basically, if your device is connected to the internet, you can join.

VCaaS is an affordable communication option, that’s easy to add to your existing tool-belt. As a plug and play solution, there are no complicated installations or costly maintenance. With Video Conferencing as a Service, you can transition quickly between video and audio call features within the same platform. This saves users from toggling between multiple applications, creating a less complicated, more fluid experience, in HD nonetheless.

While original video conferencing was only available to companies willing to purchase expensive equipment, VCaaS allows for all companies to utilize video capabilities as there is no need to house any equipment internally.  This creates an accessibility that was unachievable in the past.  With no additional equipment, there is no need for in-house IT maintenance, creating more cost savings.  All maintenance is completed by the provider.

Some benefits of video conferencing that enhance day-to-day collaboration include screen sharing and chat, as well as scheduling and hosting meetings. Once you have mastered the basic benefits of VCaaS, it is time to step into the deep end and explore the features that will boost your business communications.

woman looking at the benefits of video conferencing on her laptop

Video Conferencing to Grow Your Business 

On the surface, video conferencing alone solves so many of today’s business problems. However, VCaaS has many more functions that have the ability to provide internal advantages, as well as customer enhancing experiences.  

Webinar Capabilities 

One of the biggest benefits of video conferencing is the ability to host your own webinars. These webinars can be educational, training-focused, product demos, sales presentations, and more.  When using the record feature, this creates a reusable asset that can be used for long-term lead generation and training. Creating a variety of assets for customers and prospects can help reduce trouble tickets and improve the customer experience. 

Better Client Interactions 

One benefit of video conferencing is improved client relations. VCaaS allows your business to provide a more personal service for your clients with face-to-face interactions. You will also be able to share documents and articles with clients in real time. This helps foster client relationships and build trust between clients and you company. 

Increasing Your Reach 

Once you have nurtured your relationships with your current clients, you have the opportunity to reach potential clients by using Video Conferencing to host large digital events.  These events help build brand awareness and brand loyalty and can be used for lead generation. You can also host town hall style meetings through your VCaaS, answer questions and set your company up to be a trusted source of information in your niche. 

Internal Benefits of Video Conferencing

Within the company, video conferencing can be used in a plethora of ways such as:

  • New employee training
  • New product releases
  • Continuing training for all employees

By utilizing the record function, you are creating an asset that is now available for additional staff members at any time in the future. Some additional key features of training through VCaaS include, but are not limited to, providing training without in-person events and creating a training environment that allows for real-time collaboration.

Unleash All the Benefits of VCaaS with Axxess Networks

This is just scraping the top of the benefits of video conferencing that can be brought to your business. When utilized correctly, it is the perfect tool to anyone looking to improve their companies’ communications and build relationships with their customers. Axxess Networks understands the needs for VCaaS and have worked hard to bring this helpful functionality to you!

Axxess Networks is ready to help your company integrate VCaaS into your business.   From day-to-day business-related activities, to meeting and supporting client needs, Axxess Networks is ready to take you to the next level.  When you choose Axxess Networks, you are choosing a user-friendly system that puts you first always. 

Want to learn more about VCaaS with Axxess? Give us a call at 800.360.2000 or send us an email!