Empower Your Remote Workforce with Business Mobility

No one can deny that the way we work has undergone a remarkable transformation. Remote work has become the new norm for many businesses, with over 80% of employees now preferring to work outside the traditional office setting.   

During this shift, a powerful solution has emerged – business mobility.   

But what exactly is business mobility? Why does it hold such significance for modern companies and their remote teams?  

Don’t worry. We’re here to show you.  

Business Mobility: What It Is and Why It Matters  

The phrase “business mobility” refers to the capability of a company to let its employees work flexibly from any location. This flexibility is made possible through the use of mobile devices and cloud-based technologies that enable seamless communication and collaboration – sometimes called “business mobility solutions.”   

To sum it up, remote work is only possible with business mobility.  

And if you deploy these kinds of solutions, it’ll benefit your business and your bottom line in a wide variety of ways. Here are just a few examples:  

Increased Productivity for Your Team Members  

Picture your sales team being able to close deals on the go or your project managers updating project statuses in real-time from their tablets. That dream can become a reality with mobility solutions from providers like Axxess Networks. Our solutions help your employees maximize their productivity by utilizing downtime that would have otherwise been wasted by commuting or engaging in interoffice chit-chat.  

Example: Sarah, a marketing manager, had to travel to a family event but didn’t want to delay an important client meeting. Thanks to the all-in-one UCaaS app with Axxess, she conducted the meeting using video conferencing on her smartphone from the living room, maintaining the client relationship and meeting deadlines.  

Better Collaboration Between Teams  

Whether it’s through virtual meetings, shared documents, or instant messaging, business mobility allows your employees to work together quickly and easily. It’s almost like they were in the same office.  

Example: A software development team works on an app across different time zones. Using mobility tools provided by Axxess Networks’ UCaaS platform, they coordinate their efforts through real-time messaging and document sharing, ensuring constant progress and reducing development time.  

Unexpected Cost Savings  

When employees work remotely, you can reduce office space requirements, utility bills, and other overhead expenses. Employees can also use their own devices without compromising security or privacy, lowering the need for company-provided hardware. It’s estimated that companies can save almost $11,000 per year per employee by offering remote work options! 

Example: As the CEO of a growing startup, Tom decided to implement a remote work policy supported by our UCaaS solution. By downsizing the office space, the company saves on rent and utilities, resulting in substantial monthly cost reductions.  

Increased Talent Attraction and Retention  

In today’s competitive job market, many employees seek work-life balance and the freedom to work remotely. By offering remote work options through providers like Axxess Networks, you can retain valuable employees and attract skilled professionals who may be unable to relocate. In fact, according to a recent survey by OwlLabs, 65% of employees rank “flexible work location” as a must-have for them to stay at their job.  

Example: Amanda, a skilled graphic designer, receives job offers from two companies. While both offer similar benefits, Velocity is equipped with Axxess’ UCaaS platform and can let Amanda easily work from home – no relocation required. She chooses Velocity, relieved she doesn’t have to move and can maintain a work-life balance.  

Axxess Networks Can Make You Mobile with One Single Solution  

Imagine having all the business mobility tools you need at your fingertips, accessible through a single solution. That’s what we can offer with our UCaaS platform. Here are just a few of the incredible features and capabilities that await you:  

  • Mobile App. Stay connected on the go with our user-friendly mobile app. Make and receive business calls, join video conferences, and access all your collaboration tools right from your smartphone.  
  • Unified Messaging. Never miss a beat with unified messaging. Consolidate your voicemails, emails, and instant messages in one inbox for streamlined communication.  
  • HD Video Conferencing. Host or participate in crystal-clear video conferences with colleagues and clients worldwide, creating a more engaging and personal connection.  
  • File Sharing and Collaboration. Collaborate effortlessly with colleagues by sharing files, documents, and presentations securely, fostering teamwork regardless of your physical location.  
  • Presence and Status Updates. See the real-time availability of your team members, making it easier to connect with the right person at the right time.  
  • Integration with Existing Tools. Seamlessly integrate our UCaaS solution with your existing business tools, ensuring a smooth exchange of information and maximum efficiency for all your teams.  

Guarantee a Mobile-Centric Business Experience with Axxess Networks  

Ready to take your remote team to new heights of productivity and success? Contact us today for a personalized consultation and learn how Axxess Networks can help you meet your remote needs. Let our team of experts guide you through the process and unlock the full potential of business mobility for your organization.