How to Utilize Text Alerts for Your Business

It can be difficult for a business to get in contact with a customer. Phone calls from unknown numbers get treated like SPAM or sent to voicemail.  Emails are often lost, ignored, or overlooked thanks to the hundreds of other emails customers receive. Thankfully, there is a faster way to connect with customers: business text messaging. It’s got an incredible open rate (approximately 96% of text messages are opened worldwide) and is the preferred method of communication for many customers. 

So how do you start engaging with customers over text message? What steps do you have to take to send them the kind of communication they want? Well, Axxess Networks is here to help! Scroll on to read our recommendations regarding business text alerts. 

1. Schedule Appointment Reminders 

Before an important meeting or event, you can send your customers and clients an appointment reminder via text message. Solutions like Axxess UCaaS, allow users to create and schedule appointment reminders from one, easy-to-use platform. Want to remind a client that you’re taking them out for lunch? Schedule a text. Need to remind a patient of their appointment? Schedule a text. Plus, solutions like Axxess UCaaS are built to be HIPAA compliant, meaning all business text alerts that are sent from the platform are secure and protected. 

2. Send Follow-Up Messages 

Once you’ve had the meeting, seen the patient, or finished the event, it is time to follow up! Whether it’s providing additional information, sending a survey, or checking in on how a patient is doing with their new medication, follow-up business text alerts can give you a real-time window into the current status of the recipient. And you don’t even need your personal cell phone to do it.  

Many business texting solutions allow you to not only send texts from your business line but to see what texts were sent to that line. Looking to follow up with Mary about her new medication? Simply search through platform’s texting logs and find that conversation. Your recipients will appreciate the personal follow-up and be more likely to engage with you in the future! 

3. Provide (& Receive) Real-Time Updates 

While many clients might not text you often, they appreciate receiving pertinent, and timely, business text alerts from you. Shipping companies sending updates on the location of an order are appreciated. An auto shop notifying customers when repairs are complete is extremely helpful. This kind of communication is not only helpful, but it’s come to be expected by many clients. 

But real-time updates can be a two-way street. For instance, in healthcare, business texting can help patients keep their doctor up to date about their progression, any new symptoms of an illness, or ask any pertinent questions regarding their treatment. And the healthcare provider can answer quickly and easily via SMS or MMS messages. Additionally, each message is securely stored, allowing both the physician and their patient to easily reference them in the future. 

4. Send Billing & Payment Reminders 

Business text alerts can also be used to help clients with billing and payments. Due date fast approaching? Send a gentle reminder via text message. Customer having trouble figuring out how to pay their bills? Send them a secure payment link straight they can easily access from their smartphone. Many business texting solutions, including Axxess UCaaS, even offer integrations with popular billing systems, allowing you to send payment updates and billing reminders automatically. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Business Texting with Axxess UCaaS 

No matter what industry you’re in, Axxess Networks can help you unleash the power of business text alerts. Our full-featured UCaaS platform provides a secure, simple way for you to not only text-enable your business numbers but also schedule appointment reminders, automatically answer frequently asked questions, and so much more.  

Our texting service was designed to seamlessly fit into your current workflows and provide a way for your clients to reach you quickly and easily right from their mobile device. Ready to get started with business text alerts? Reach out today for your free demonstration