Secure Your Conversations with a HIPAA-compliant Chat App 

Let’s face it. No healthcare provider likes long phone calls, being put on hold for hours, or waiting days to receive an email response. Especially when it comes to exchanging sensitive patient information.   

This is why many medical offices use chat apps like Microsoft Teams to communicate with their staff. After all, they’re quick, easy, and help them meet patient needs in a timelier manner.    

But it also exposes them to a world of risk. Because these chat apps aren’t HIPAA-compliant. As a healthcare provider, finding HIPAA-compliant chat app isn’t a “nice to have.” It’s a “must-have.” We’ll show you why.   

A Review of the Risks Using a Non-Compliant Chat App   

Purchasing (and using) a chat app is an excellent idea. We recommend it! However, using non-HIPAA-compliant chat apps like Microsoft Teams can result in unauthorized access to patient data, identity theft, and compromised medical records. Which, in turn, leads to severe consequences for your practice. Some of these include:   

  • Back-breaking Fines: Regulatory bodies take data protection and patient privacy seriously, and using non-compliant chat apps can result in astronomical penalties. It could cost thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on the breach’s severity and the number of affected patients.   
  • Lengthy Lawsuits: When patient data is exposed, they can take you to court. And these legal battles can drag on for months, even years, diverting resources from patient care.   
  • Reputational Damage: Compromised patient data can shatter their trust and tarnish your reputation. This leads to fewer patients seeking out your services and negative word-of-mouth spreading like wildfire.   

Unfortunately, we’ve seen several real-life examples of HIPAA violations and their devastating impact on healthcare organizations. Don’t let your medical office become the next cautionary tale!  

Get Security and Speed with Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-compliant Chat App QuincyChat  

Fortunately, an app that prioritizes data security is available – Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-compliant chat app QuincyChat. It provides the protection your practice needs and the convenience your staff desires. Here are just a few highlights:   

  • End-to-End Encryption: When you send messages from Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-compliant chat app, our program scrambles them. Only the intended recipient can unscramble and read the message. Even QuincyChat’s servers can’t read the messages, ensuring all Private Health Information (PHI) stays private.   
  • Cloud Pass-Thru Architecture: When you send messages between users, Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-compliant chat app doesn’t keep a copy of the messages on its servers. Instead, each is stored in a safe, encrypted format directly on the recipients’ devices.   
  • Distributed Archival Storage: After the intended person receives the QuincyChat message, the information is stored securely in a specially encrypted unit. Only authorized staff members can access this area after following strict security rules.   

Plus, QuincyChat’s user-friendly interface ensures your team can get the information they need to focus on their patients’ well-being without worrying about cumbersome technicalities.    

How to Get Started with Axxess’ HIPAA-Compliant Chat App   

Taking the first step towards adopting QuincyChat is easy; call today to schedule a demonstration and see how this app can meet your practice’s needs, no matter how unique.   

Ready to jump in but need clarification on costs? Our QuincyChat subscription plans can fit budgets of any size. Whether you’re a small clinic or a large hospital, our flexible pricing options ensure that every healthcare provider can benefit from HIPAA-compliant chat features.   

Did we mention we’ll set everything up for you? Our white-glove services ensure the transition to Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-compliant chat app is smooth as silk. No disruptions, no complications. Just better internal communications with QuincyChat.  

Security Best Practices Beyond Axxess Networks’ HIPAA-Compliant Chat App   

While adopting QuincyChat is a significant step towards data security, there are other steps we’d recommend taking to reinforce your data security.   

The first is consistent training and awareness. Regular workshops and updates ensure that your nurses and doctors understand the importance of safeguarding patient information and are familiar with the proper protocols.   

Securing mobile devices and computers is equally essential. Implementing strong passwords, device encryption, and remote wiping capabilities helps prevent unauthorized access to patient data in case a device is stolen or lost.   

We’d also recommend performing regular audits and updating your current security measures. That way, you’ll stay HIPAA-compliant no matter what new threats come your way.   

Get The Protection You Need with Axxess Networks   

Don’t settle for risky alternatives like Microsoft Teams that jeopardize patient data and put your reputation on the line! Join the growing community of healthcare professionals who already enjoy secure communication with QuincyChat from Axxess Networks. Contact us today, and together, we can build a safer, more connected healthcare ecosystem for everyone!