How To Record A Voicemail Greeting 

Voicemail Greetings can be recorded through the Axxess Networks Web Portal. All users are able to log in to the web portal to update their own greeting. Users with higher administrative access, such as Office Managers will be able to edit other users as well. 

Navigating to Voicemail Greetings as a Basic User

Once you log into the Axxess Networks web portal, click on the message icon then go to the settings tab below.

Updating The Voicemail Greeting

Once you are on the Voicemail Settings Page, click on the Manage icon indicated below by the speaker icon.

You will be taken to a pop-up window that contains your current greeting options.

  • You can use the Play button to listen to the greeting
  • You can download a greeting 
  • You can edit a greeting 
  • You can delete a greeting

Adding A New Greeting

At the bottom, click the Add Greeting Button to create a New Greeting.

You will see the options to Upload a new recording from a file on your computer or Record which will call you at the number you enter to record a new greeting.

After the greeting is created you will see the message displayed. To the right of the message, you will see options to Download, Edit the message-which will allow you to re-record the message or change the greeting-and you will also see the option to delete the voicemail greeting message.