Hybrid Workplaces Spark Changes in Communications

If the pandemic and business shut down of 2020 taught us anything, it is that remote and hybrid workplaces are here to stay. When workers were sent home, businesses learned how much money they saved while getting the same amount of productivity from their workers. In fact, 77% of workers say they are MORE productive working from home.  

However, not every business can flourish with 100% remote workers. There are several instances where in-office work is best. This is especially true for businesses that want to build a sense of community among their workers. Hybrid workplaces are becoming more and more popular to satisfy the unique needs of workers and businesses today.  

In order to accommodate the new changes to our work models, business communications need to shift as well. No longer can a worker be tied to their desk to complete work tasks. No longer are workers expected to come to the office for every work meeting. One thing is for sure, remote and hybrid workplaces have changed business communications in profound ways. 

Long-Term Technology for Remote and Hybrid Workplaces 

When companies sent workers home, business owners had to scramble to give their workers a way to continue working remotely. A lot of businesses created patchwork solutions to solve their communications issues. This left them relying on several different providers and platforms to fulfill their needs. While this “patchwork solution” was okay for the short term, businesses need a long-term solution that not only offers communications solutions but is also budget-friendly. A key factor in the success of a permanent solution is the option for mobility.  

Mobility for Remote and Hybrid Workplaces 

Mobility for remote and hybrid workplaces is a key factor in whether or not its employees will be successful. As employees spread out across the town, state or even country, they need a way to access company assets from outside the office.  Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, can be just the solution businesses are looking for.  

UCaaS is a cloud-based solution that allows employees with internet access the ability to use the company communications system. How does this work? When a communications solution isn’t tied to phone lines and is internet-based, anywhere that offers a connection can become the office and their business line.  

Features of UCaaS 

A UCaaS solution combines all communication avenues into one easy-to-use platform. This means all voice, video, messaging, email, and more can all be combined and accessed through one solution. UCaaS solutions can be based on all kinds of devices. This includes desktops and laptops among many other devices. With softphones and mobile apps, workers can access their business’ communications solution from anywhere. The following UCaaS features really complement both remote and hybrid workplaces.  

Call forwarding – Call forwarding allows calls to be routed to any device you would like while still protecting personal information. This means that someone can call the business phone number and answer the call on their cell phone without the customer learning any personal information about the employee.   

Video conferencing – Video conferencing is possibly one of the most important features of a communications solution for companies that collaborate. With a UCaaS system, workers can not only video chat, but also message, screen share, document share, and much more all in real-time. This makes collaboration easy as if they were all in the same conference room in office.  

Messaging – Messaging is another real-time communication avenue included in a UCaaS solution. Gone are the days when workers need to craft well-thought-out emails and wait for an undisclosed amount of time to get a response. Messaging is instantaneous and saves workers time to get the answers they need when they need them.  

Business SMS Messaging- Businesses can now use UCaaS features to send SMS messages to large groups of employees as well as customers. Everything from appointment scheduling and reminders to special deals for customers can be sent through SMS. The best part is that UCaaS has security features built-in, allowing the messages to be sent from secure business lines.  

Integration- A great UCaaS solution integrates smoothly with other business applications, like MS Teams & CRMs. Some of the most noteworthy and name recognizable applications can easily be integrated with UCaaS solutions to provide a seamless user experience. This can be as simple as adding click-to-dial and screen-pop for CRM applications or providing direct dial routing for Teams. These integrations save time while allowing users to manage their UC through a single pane of glass.  

Get Started with UCaaS 

If your company is ready to offer support to your remote and hybrid workers like never before, Axxess Networks is here for you. Our UCaaS solution has all the features your workers need to be productive and supportive to your customers. Contact us to further discuss UCaaS features and functions that can bring your company to the next level!