As the way the world communicates changes, the need for video conferencing platforms grows. VCaaS is the perfect solution to meet this growing need. It offers a way to communicate face-to-face from anywhere in the world and build your connection, minimizing the need for in person meetings. It’s a great tool for both personal and professional use across the board. 

But what is VCaas? VCaaS, or Video Conferencing as a Service, gives its users access to much needed video capabilities all through the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere. Additionally, it also saves you from having to keep any costly and sizeable equipment on hand. If you’ve got a camera and microphone – which let’s be honest, now seem to come standard on most computers (even your mobile phone can be used) – then you are well on your way to utilizing this advantageous service. 

Video Conferencing as a Service 

Like all “as a service” products, the dominating benefit is its flexibility. Meaning it can be used anywhere with an internet connection. If you’ve got access to the proper equipment and connection, the world is your conference room. And as remote work continues to grow, this freedom is no longer a luxury to a business, but a necessity.  Americans host over 11 million meetings every day! Video conferencing makes it easier.

An added convenience is greater mobility. You’re not solely tied down to a tower or laptop. With VCaaS, you can access great video capabilities from your phone or tablet. Additionally, these services are easily accessible to any team size, from enterprise to SMB. VCaaS makes video conferencing attainable to any business in need of video communications.  

Why Use VCaaS? 

VCaaS is the perfect business solution as an affordable communication choice, that’s easy to build into your team’s toolbelt. There are no complicated installations or costly maintenance, because it’s essentially plug and play. 

VCaaS also boasts a variety of features that are useful to any business’s operations: 


As mentioned previously, VCaaS works with a plethora of devices, giving you access to extraordinary conferencing tools no matter where you are. It works with a variety of cameras and microphones so your entire team can easily connect.  


An added bonus to VCaaS is how user-friendly it can be. With the right VCaaS solution, you’re only a click or two away from conferencing with your team or prospective clients. There’s something about those face-to-face calls that can’t be beat over the phone. 

Low Maintenance  

Like all ‘as a Service’ offerings, the most obvious bonus is that maintenance is not your problem. It falls to the provider to upkeep and update the technology that’s needed to make video conferencing function properly. 

Advanced Technology 

As with all communications, the technology has only gotten better with time. This allows you to easily unlock HD video that’s packed with advanced features like screen sharing, file sharing, and video call recording. All to help you get the most from your conferencing. 


VCaaS Uses  

Yes, video conferencing uses seem pretty straightforward. It’s a great way to connect your team. But there are also many additional ways to utilize this communication that you may not have thought about before implementing this solution. VCaaS allows your business to do so much more than you may have realized, such as: 

  • Produce webinars to help land more sales and educate your audience. 
  • Provide product training without in person events. 
  • Interactive employee training that allows for real-time questions. 
  • Recorded training videos can be used to train additional staff. 
  • Recorded webinars can be used in long-term lead generation. 
  • “Face-to-face” sales calls that allow you to better get to know prospective clients or share documents in real-time. 
  • Host large digital events that build brand loyalty with safe social distancing. 
  • House town hall-style meetings for any potential questions in a community. 

If you can achieve it in person, VCaaS can host it online. The use cases for VCaaS are virtually endless. In a world where your community can be anywhere, VCaaS bring can bring you together. 

Getting the Most Out of Your Communications 

While VCaaS is a beneficial stand-alone feature, it best performs when integrated with additional communication channels. This is where ‘as a Service’ stands out yet again! 

When you marry your video solutions to your voice and messaging solutions, you’re setting your team up for success! With Unified Communications, all of your communications are combined into one single, easy to use platform. Which means you and your team are able to connect through any manner of communication – from anywhere they have internet access. 

Easily switch from chat, to call, to video, all without leaving your communication platform. This makes it easier than ever to change to the communication that your conversation can most benefit from. 

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Start Video Conferencing with Axxess  

Video conferencing is one of the many communications that the Axxess Network team helps you integrate. This solution is perfect for any business looking to open up new avenues of communication, increase their face-to-face time, and encourage more remote capabilities for their employees.  

With Axxess Networks, your VCaaS solution has all the greatest video features, in HD. Plus, when paired with our phone service, you can experience a one-stop communication hub that perfectly blends convenience, savings, and your satisfaction. Want to learn more about VCaaS with Axxess? Give us a call at 800.360.2000 or send us an email