4 UCaaS Features Small Businesses Need

Communication within a small business was once a simple thing. All you needed to do is stop by for a visit or make a call. However, with technology being what it is today, things have become so much more complex. There are telephone calls, online chats, and video calls just to name a few. Depending on what works for your small business, there may be different preferences when it comes to communication. These communication solutions all need to be integrated in some way. So, how can this be made possible? Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is the perfect solution for integrating all your communications into one easy to manage system.  Below you can find the 4 best UCaaS features to help truly set your business apart.

How does UCaaS work? 

Unified Communications as a Service, as the name suggests, is a cloud-based system that integrates all your communication into one single system. As your small business grows and there are more communication channels, they must work together. This unification will save you time and countless unnecessary headaches. There is a need for a platform that unifies all these channels to ensure your businesses effectiveness. UCaaS covers communication both within the company and externally. While in the past there have been other versions of unified communications, these methods required physical systems that proved expensive, which as a small business, can be quite detrimental. UCaaS being cloud-based is a great solution, especially for small businesses because you only need to pay for the users and features you need. 

You may be wondering which UCaaS features small businesses need though? Below we’ve highlighted five beneficial features you need to enhance your business phone service and improve your internal processes. Saving you time, money, and sanity! 

UCaaS Features For Your Business

Call Recording  

Call recording is seamless in that you can choose what to record and how long to record for. If you only need inbound calls recorded or only calls from certain numbers, you can set it up to do just that. Additionally, more than just recording the calls, your phone system should also include the actions that take place during a call. All call transfers and holds should be recorded and shown. This makes it easier for you to keep track of all your important records and conversations. Talk about convenient UCaaS features!


Voicemail just might be the next best invention after sliced bread. You can listen to your messages from virtually anywhere. But even better is that now, with voicemail-to-text, you can read your messages without disrupting those around you. As one of the most beneficial UCaaS features, it makes checking your voicemail messages a breeze. Not only that, voicemail-to-text allows you and your staff to quickly and easily screen messages. So that you can answer the most pressing messages first. 

Auto Attendants / Digital Receptionists 

An auto-attendant is a voice menu system that routes callers based on their selections. This would be a game-changer for any small business because it helps route callers to the right person efficiently. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction and freeing up your staff to take care of other things. An auto-attendant is a major cost saver. Replacing your human operator saves you staffing costs. However, it can also be used to assist your receptionist, helping alleviate their time to work on other duties. 

Video Conferencing 

Video conferencing is one of the best UCaaS features your provider should offer. This is especially important for companies with multiple locations and employees that are working remotely. Video conferencing allows employees to instantly collaborate with coworkers from right within your business phone system. Moreover, it allows you to connect with your customers and stakeholders in a safe and convenient manner.  

These UCaaS features are the perfect way to improve your businesses communications. They increase your ability to collaborate, and more importantly, they increase your flexibility! It’s even proven to increase productivity by nearly 75%!

Axxess has the UCaaS Features for Your Small Businesses 

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