The CCaaS Trends to Expect Moving Forward

When thinking about the CCaaS trends of the future, the simplification of business comes to mind. The monumental shift from on-premise solutions of the early 2000s to the cloud-based contact centers of today almost seems incomprehensible, but it’s here. Let’s evaluate some CCaaS trends below and what you can expect moving forward. 

Future CCaaS Trends to Dazzle Your Customers 

Technology evolves almost daily, but adopting the right technology is a long game. For example, most Americans have had cell phones since the mid-1990s. This improvement was an excellent step up from a landline, but it was when the iPhone launched in 2007 that they changed our lives. 

CCaaS is no different. The technological advancements required to offer today’s location independence, bursting with features like hosted PBX, while reasonably priced, were decades in the making. Folks, this is only the beginning, but here are some CCaaS trends to keep on your radar. 

Continued Software Unification 

SaaS started this journey, and now UCaaS and CCaaS are bringing it home. The next frontier will combine these two into a super service, Experience as a Service (XaaS). The software umbrella will continue to increase. Now, organizations can offer a truly connected experience with their entire software stack, and they are growing customization with a reduction in various vendors. Voice, video, chat, social media, workforce management, generative AI—the possibilities are expanding by the day. 

Wider Channel API Adoption 

The CCaaS package may be one system, but under the hood, separate software solutions are linked, and the beauty is, it’s not a bad thing. Usually, when customers find a service they like, they want it to connect and work seamlessly with everything else. That’s why wider API adoption is the CCaaS trend that will most likely change your life. 

For example, API integration with chat and CRM systems like MS Teams, Salesforce, and HubSpot is just the tip of the iceberg. Choice is the ultimate level playing field, and that is where the power of API expansion is such fertile ground. You can mix and match until your business gets the combination it needs for success, and this cross-channel API expansion is just beginning. 

Improved Self-Service Quality 

Managing inefficient, often frustrating keyword-specific chatbots is so last decade. A recent study found that 91 percent of customers prefer self-service options if it meets their needs. With the rapid growth of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), customers expect to have issues closed in real time while communicating naturally. This 24/7/365 convenience will lower costs for businesses and increase customer satisfaction. 

Employee Experience-Focused Integrations 

According to Harvard Business Review, investing in the employee experience decreases turnover and increases operational ROI. Improvements to employee experience are a sneaky good CCaaS trend. For example, giving employees visibility to workforce management data strengthens their connection to their team and organization. They never have to worry about the progression of their skills; they have the data. 

With that visibility comes an opportunity for employers to gather more actionable feedback. Employees no longer want to feel like numbers, so including constant 360-degree feedback will keep them involved and ready to do the best job for your company. Happy employees will translate into happier clients. 

Increased Security Options 

HIPAA secure chat is just the beginning. Axxess Networks is at the forefront of security, and the need for advanced security options will continue to evolve. The next leap in security is the worldwide adoption of similar privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe. The European Union is at the forefront of individual rights, and the rest of the world is starting to take notice. For example, many of the measures passed in Europe are beginning to make their way into tangible discussions within the US federal government. 

As with anything new, nothing is concrete, but stay tuned to the Axxess Networks blog for any key security developments. 

Axxess Networks Keeps Innovation Top of Mind 

We are not distracted by new and shiny technologies. We take great pride in implementing features that will make your lives easier, not solutions that only sound good. 

You want a partner who keeps your best interests in mind, and you have that with Axxess Networks. Our job is to keep you ahead of your peers. It’s not just the service we provide but the genuine care we show for your business that keeps us doing what we do. 

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