18 Fast Facts About a Cloud-Based Phone System

A cloud-based phone system can improve your business in many ways. Customer service will go up, the workplace will become more efficient, and you will see an improved bottom line. Don’t take our word for it; check out these fast facts about a cloud-based phone system!  

Fast Facts Of A Cloud-Based Phone System 

  1. Cloud-based phone calling was invented in 1995 to save money on long-distance calls. 
  1. Cloud-based systems use the internet for service, eliminating the existing phone bill and high charges for toll and long-distance calling.  
  1. A traditional phone line is much more expensive for businesses than a cloud-based phone system.  
  1. Cloud-based phones have a lower monthly “per user” fee that is often less than the average monthly phone bill.  
  1. Phone service is traditionally viewed as a necessary business expense. However, cloud allows integration with other business applications, like MS Teams, SFDC, etc. and delivers features and capabilities that can open/expand business that help generate new and greater revenues.  
  1. The flexibility of these systems is unmatched by traditional lines.  Cloud supports the “new normal,” providing a fully networked, seamless environment that supports team members whether in the office or working remotely.  
  1. Scalability is easy. With old phone systems, adding to your set up was difficult. You would need to call your provider and schedule a specialist to come and run new lines. With a cloud-based phone system, you use your existing internet lines for phone system use.    
  1. As an internet-based entity, cloud-based phones are very reliable. Even in a building power outage, the actual internet does not go down. You can simply access the internet from a remote location or mobile device and continue your workday. 
  1. Installation is easier with a cloud-based solution and can usually be configured to work with existing technology. Setup and installation are straight-forward and included by preferred providers.    
  1. Maintenance of a cloud-based system is handled by the service provider. As a business owner, you do not need to worry about extra fees for maintenance. 

8 More Facts You Need To Know

  1. On a traditional phone line, calls are sometimes hard to hear. A cloud-based phone system deployed with a Quality-of-Service device means your phone calls will be clear and dependable with no static or interference on the line.  
  1. Better cloud-based phones come with desktop application. From this application, you can set up call rules, research call analytics, message coworkers, and so much more.  
  1. These solutions even come with mobile device applications (IOS/Android App) that include presence, recording and messaging. These applications give users the option to work their business from anywhere with internet access. This includes international locations, buses, trains, beaches, literally anywhere! 
  1. Call forward is a standard feature for business phones. What makes cloud-based phone systems stand out is that you can forward calls to any device you would like, including mobile devices. 
  1. Auto attendants associated with cloud-based phone systems can assist your customers and save time. By using the auto attendants, your customers will be funneled to the correct associate who can best assist them.  
  1. Better cloud-based phone systems allow voicemail to email transcriptions.  
  1. Call recordings can help you train future employees and can be a great reference if needed.  
  1. A user interface that allows coworkers to interact with more than just voice calls is an important part of some cloud-based phone systems.  

And So Much More! 

While these fast facts cover a wide range of benefits and information about cloud-based phone systems, this list is by no means all-encompassing.  There is much more to learn about how and why cloud-based phone systems are a great asset to your business.  

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