The Complete Guide to Unified Communications as a Service 

In the past two years, communications have become the saving grace of many businesses. When the world went remote, businesses needed to find solutions that kept their doors open. Many businesses scrambled to piece together a patchwork of programs to keep their communications functioning. Now that the “new norm” has started to settle in, it’s time to look at a better solution. Unified Communications as a Service has everything great business communication solutions need to help you run a business efficiently and effectively.  

What is Unified Communications as a Service? 

Unified Communications as a Service, or UCaaS, is a communications solution mainly for businesses. The ‘unified’ part of the name points to the unification of communication avenues into one easy-to-use solution. These communication avenues include voice, video, messaging, integrations, and many others.  

UCaaS is cloud-based. That means that services are brought into the business through the internet. Due to the nature of how Unified Communications as a Service is delivered, businesses no longer need to house a communications stack in-office. The provider houses all necessary equipment on their end.  

Functions of Unified Communications as a Service 

Businesses tend to use a lot of communications in day-to-day comings and goings around the office. Instead of using several different providers and services, UCaaS ties them together in one easy-to-use, single pane of glass experience. The most basic of UCaaS solutions should all offer these functions:  

Voice – Voice includes all functions associated with phone usage. This means calling, call routing, call parking, auto attendants, voicemail, and any other phone features.  

Video – Video conferencing has become particularly important in recent years. A good Unified Communications as a Service solution will offer video conferencing that allows you to record, screen share, collaborate, and message.  

Messaging – Instant messaging can be extremely helpful during the workday. Although email is still available, email is a much slower process than messaging. When coworkers message each other, they are notified and can respond in real-time, as opposed to waiting for the recipient to check their email. Many UCaaS solutions can also take messaging to the next level with SMS text messaging. 

Reporting – Reporting is a function that can be particularly useful to decision-makers in the business. Data can be analyzed for staffing purposes. Statistics about call data can alert businesses to high traffic times and better serve their customers with this information.  

Integrations – When you choose a UCaaS solution, you need to be on the lookout for one that integrates with additional solutions that your business uses, such as CRMS and MS Teams. These capabilities are vital for any business looking for a more seamless experience for their team. 

Features of Unified Communications as a Service 

There are several features of a UCaaS solution that are beneficial to a business. Below, just three of these awesome benefits are highlighted. There are many more benefits of a UCaaS solution that are not listed here.  


The first and most obvious feature that benefits your business is the mobile nature of a UCaaS solution. Because UCaaS solutions are internet-based, workers with access to the system can work from anywhere that has an internet connection. Whether the business is an in-office, hybrid, or a remote work model, the UCaaS solution is accessible to all employees.  

Most UCaaS solutions have the option to use softphone applications. This turns any device into a work phone. This means your desktop phone, computer, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone can all be used as a work phone using the same business line. No need to worry about personal information getting leaked to customers, as that valuable information is protected through the solution.  


Unified Communications as a Service is a very scalable solution. Due to the cloud-based setup, it is extremely easy to add new phone numbers, extensions, and even devices to a business setup. A quick phone call to the service provider and changes can be made within minutes. With WiFi internet, businesses don’t even need to worry about wires and cables running throughout the office.  


When businesses use UCaaS, they can expect their workplace and employees to become more efficient. As workers no longer need to bounce from tab to tab for business communications, their day becomes streamlined. Once employees begin to work with the UCaaS solution, the time spent on training and integrating new programs and solutions is reduced.  

Get Started with UCaaS 

If your business is not using a UCaaS solution yet, it is time for an upgrade! Still have questions? The professionals at Axxess Networks are here for you, our nationwide network of business partners are experts that can help you with this decision.  

Not only can we help you with any questions you may have, but we can also help you transition from your old system to your new and improved UCaaS solution. Our UCaaS solution is packed full of all the functions and features your business needs. Contact us to start using a better communications solution today!