Hosted UCaaS vs. Hosted PBX: Which is Right for Your Business? 

If you’ve been on the hunt for a communications solution, odds are you’ve heard the term “hosted UCaaS” and “hosted PBX” before. You’ve seen your fair share of blogs and articles expounding on how each solution can benefit your business. But because they tend to be described so similarly, it can be tough picking between them. Which is why we’ve written this blog – to help provide clarity on each solution and help you choose the best solution for your company. 

Hosted UCaaS vs. Hosted PBX: What’s the Difference? 

Hosted PBX 

Differentiating between hosted UCaaS and hosted PBX can be difficult – especially when a lot of providers use the terms interchangeably. But here’s the difference. 

A hosted PBX solution is a cloud-based telephone system that’s accessible over the internet via a protocol known as VoIP. It is maintained by your provider, meaning you don’t have to worry about upkeep and maintenance. Typically, a more advanced hosted PBX solution will have features like: 

  • Softphone capabilities (mobile and desktop apps) 
  • Contact center capabilities (call queues, call monitoring & reporting, etc.) 
  • Typical and advanced business phone features (IVR, call transferring, hotdesking, etc.) 

Most pure-PBX offerings don’t offer user-to-customer chat functionality, video conferencing, or eFaxing. However, many can be integrated with other software.  

Hosted UCaaS 

Hosted UCaaS is also a solution that’s securely hosted in your provider’s cloud and accessible online. However, hosted UCaaS is a full-service communication solution, meaning it brings all your important communication tools – VoIP phone systems, video conferencing, file management, online faxing and more – together “under one roof” so to speak. Instead of logging into multiple platforms multiple times a day, you simply log into one application to use and manage all your communication needs. 

Hosted UCaaS is also very integration friendly. Many come with pre-built integrations to common services like CRMs and customer service tools. All you must do is activate them! Now you can access even more software from one centralized location providing a seamless experience for your employees and customers alike. 

Hosted UCaaS vs. Hosted PBX: What Should You Choose? 

Both hosted UCaaS and hosted PBX solutions are used by businesses around the world for a wide variety of reasons. They operate without expensive hardware, don’t take up office space, support remote workers, increase productivity, and are simple to scale. But despite all their similarities, they’re still different solutions that fit different needs. While we don’t know your exact needs, we can offer our professional recommendations based on what the solutions can offer you. 

A hosted PBX solution is a great solution for a company that’s just starting out. It’s inexpensive, offers a lot of call functions, and is largely device-agnostic. While its functions are (at times) limited, if you’re a new business that primarily communicates with customers over the phone, it’s a great fit. 

On the other hand, hosted UCaaS is a perfect solution for you if your business: 

  • Uses multiple communication channels – chat, web forms, texting, calling, etc. – that are often difficult for agents and employees to manage. 
  • Has multiple applications that manage different aspects of customer data (CRM, ticket system, etc.). 
  • Needs better collaboration between multiple internal teams. 

UCaaS allows you to provide seamless customer service between multiple channels by making it faster and easier for agents to switch between channels and access important customer information.  

A hosted UCaaS solution also provides better collaboration because each team has access to the same system, information, and communication tools. Need a flyer from marketing? Just shoot the team a message in the hosted UCaaS online platform. Want the latest updates on successful leads from sales? Access the CRM and check on their stats.  

Worried about your budget? Don’t be! Many hosted UCaaS solutions are as affordable as a highly-advanced hosted PBX system – except with even more capabilities!  

In summary, a hosted PBX is great in the beginning. However, you’ll probably find yourself needing a hosted UCaaS solution once you’ve grown past a certain point. 

Choose What’s Best for You with Axxess Communications 

Here at Axxess Communications, our priority is providing services that are best for you! Our team takes the time to learn all the ins and outs of your business so we can design the perfect communication solution for you based on your needs and your budget. Interested in learning more? Check out our hosted UCaaS solutions or reach out to us to schedule a free demonstration