Increase Your Revenue with UCaaS 

Thanks to the boom in remote work, the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) market has been growing exponentially. And it’s showing no signs of stopping! According to recent research, the global UCaaS market is expected to grow from the $28.96 billion mark in 2021 to $69.93 billion by 2028. That’s a compound annual growth of 13.4%! 

As market share grows, more and more channel partners are realizing that UCaaS is an excellent, cost-effective way for them to increase revenue as well as customer retention. Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, and we can prove it! Read on to see how UCaaS can, and will, positively impact you, your partners, and their customers. 

UCaaS Has Everything Your Clients Crave to Increase Revenue 

Since the pandemic, UCaaS has been in high demand for most, if not all, businesses. Your clients’ customers are on the hunt for communications solutions that will fit their new and present normal at a cost they can afford. Giving your partners access to UCaaS will give them the opportunity to increase revenue by offering customers 5 major benefits: 

1. Single-Source Communications 

UCaaS offerings allow clients to unite all their communication services on one platform. Whether it’s voice, instant messaging, video, conferencing, business applications, or contact center programs, your clients will be able to access it all from any device connected to the internet. Simplifying your client’s communication will reduce wasted time and save them from the frustration of managing multiple applications and features in multiple places.  

2. Simple Scaling Capabilities 

Before cloud communications took off, adding or removing new users was quite an undertaking. Businesses would not only have to add new extensions and purchase new equipment for the user but also assign an IT professional to help them set everything up correctly. If that employee left, companies would be stuck with old equipment and unused extensions. More money and time wasted.  

However, unlike traditional phone systems, UCaaS makes adding new users simple and affordable for your clients! No more complicated or costly installations – just effective communication. And since most UCaaS platforms offer per-user pricing, if your clients need to downsize for any reason, they won’t have to foot the bill for services they’re not using.  

3. Better Team-to-Team Collaboration 

In a recent Salesforce study, it was discovered that 86% of the workforce polled believe ineffective communication is the underlying reason for workplace failures. While there are many possible causes of internal communication breakdowns, one of the biggest is the inability to communicate well between departments or locations. UCaaS can help your clients solve that problem with features like instant messaging with presence indicators and simple video conferencing. This way, your client’s employees can solve issues quickly and easily, rather than waiting on each other to check their emails. 

4. Plug-and-Play Integrations 

While UCaaS is a powerful offering all on its own, it can also integrate with other business technology your clients are using. This includes CRM systems like Salesforce and Zoho, collaboration suites like Office 365 and Google’s G Suite, productivity applications like Slack and Asana, and more! When your clients take advantage of these integrations, it will boost their productivity and improve the quality of their data. For instance, if a client’s sales team integrates their UCaaS service with their CRM, the sales team can make and log calls directly from their CRM and can view customer Information in the UCaaS platform.  

5. Multi-Channel Customer Service Capabilities 

With all the features and functions already listed, UCaaS can also have a positive impact on your clients’ customer experience. Through rich feature libraries and extensive integrations, UCaaS solutions give your clients the ability to communicate with their customers via multiple channels – voice, video, chat, etc. Having this type of omnichannel customer experience is crucial to your client’s success. Especially in today’s market, where customers expect businesses to be reachable through any medium. In fact, experts have discovered that companies with omnichannel customer communication retain at least 89% of their customers!  

UCaaS Reduces Costs & Allows You To Increase Revenue

So far we’ve outlined just a few of the many reasons UCaaS can increase revenue for your client’s customers – and even for your clients. But what about you as their service provider? Well, offering your clients an all-in-one UCaaS solution gives them the opportunity to reduce the number of vendors they use. This, in turn, allows them to reduce their communication spending by 25%, thereby increasing revenue. UCaaS solutions are also based entirely in the cloud, meaning your clients won’t have to use a specific type of hardware or pay to maintain their devices or system. No more extraneous IT spending.  

Choose the Best for Your Clients – Choose Axxess 

With over 40 years of telecom expertise behind us, the team at Axxess is committed to giving you the best platform for your client base. Our UCaaS offerings are customizable, allowing you to offer the right features to the right clients at the right time, and all at a price both you and your clients can afford.  

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