Here’s Why the Modern Customer Demands Omnichannel

Don’t you hate calling a company and explaining an ongoing situation to seven different agents before coming to a resolution? Your clients do, too! That’s where a contact center omnichannel solution saves the day. Today’s customers are more discerning than ever and expect fewer headaches when connecting with your organization. Eighty percent of customers say their experience with a brand is as important as the product or service they provide. As a result, customer loyalty can be won or lost through a missed support ticket or siloed departments. 

Join the ranks of omnichannel royalty like Disney and Target and implement an omnichannel solution with Axxess Networks! Now, let’s learn more about it below. 

What Is an Omnichannel Strategy? 

An exceptional omnichannel strategy connects every communication avenue of your business into one easy-to-navigate system. With a fully connected contact center solution, you can adjust to customer demand, agent status, or department obstacles on the fly. With Axxess 

Networks Omnichannel, you have access to over 300 integrations, enabling you to reduce manual tasks, increase productivity, and improve client sentiment. 

How an Omnichannel Strategy Benefits Business 

An effective omnichannel strategy is essential for clients, employees, and the bottom line. Every client relationship aspect needs to be streamlined to present a unified operation. 

Business Continuity for the Win 

Previously, you relied on agents or managers to pull information from three different systems, and often, key subtle customer insights were inadvertently excluded. You will make your stats a must-read when using integrated agent effectiveness and client sentiment data. 

By evaluating client interactions over time, you can proactively reach out when there are sudden changes in call volume or support tickets. You can jump into a situation before the relationship becomes doomed, reinforcing your bottom line. 

Reach Customers Where They Are 

The pandemic fueled the public expectation of frictionless interactions with brands.  

A recent study from McKinsey describes average buyers using 10+ channels as they 

journey through the buying process and expect the experience to be the same wherever they are. 

By expanding your presence across multiple platforms, you increase your probability of positive interactions with previously unknown customer segments. With an effective omnichannel strategy, you can be reached through social media, phone, or chat, and customer concerns will consistently be taken care of in the same way, in less time, every time. 

Adopt an Omnichannel Channel Business Strategy to Improve Lifetime Client Value 

You have multiple contact centers nationwide, and with your omnichannel strategy in place, your customers feel like they are being helped by the same agents every time. Seventy-five percent of customers recommended a company based on its excellent customer service. Reducing customer frustration means less client turnover and more brand champions. With more and more clients singing your praises, you can watch the new customers roll in because word-of-mouth advertising is more effective than paid ads, resulting in 5x more sales. That’s substantial! 

What You Can Expect from an Omnichannel Contact Center 

We have moved beyond call routing, text, and automatic call distribution as the show-stopping features. Now is the age of social media integration and AI client sentiment analysis. You can support your team and customers equally. No more having to choose who gets your stats’ attention. All can see the complete picture of a client. 

Tips for Creating an Omnichannel Strategy 

To create a robust and effective omnichannel strategy, this will require an all-hands-on-deck shift in company priorities. It will most likely be top-down, with every person in your organization participating and progressing towards this next chapter. 

  • Map out the customer journey to improve all aspects of their experience 
  • Personalize your service based on the available customer interaction data 
  • Tie company brand into your omnichannel strategy 
  • Update internal training to meet the current customer expectations 
  • Kickstart your social media presence, make shareable content that drives sales 
  • Use AI client sentiment to highlight brand advocates and get them front and center in your marketing efforts 
  • Elevate your self-service options with an AI chatbot and natural language machine-learning 
  • Create memorable client experiences 
  • Synchronize style between location and channel touchpoints 
  • Conduct detailed customer research to highlight the proper channels 

Axxess Networks is the Answer to Your Omnichannel Needs 

A modern omnichannel strategy has evolved from an exclusive brick-and-mortar endeavor and has taken e-commerce, SaaS, and CCaaS by storm. Today’s customer demands a seamless experience, and Axxess Networks is here to help. Contact us today!