Taking Your Business Phone Home

In March 2020, the American economy faced an unprecedented challenge. The Covid-19 virus hit and put a halt to business as we knew it. Workers were sent home. Industries were brought to a standstill. Employers and employees alike were anxious about the future of their companies. And, sadly, 60% of businesses that closed due to Covid-19 will never reopen. However, businesses that utilized unified communications (UCaaS) had a little less stress than competitors still on the old system. These employers knew they could confidently keep their business running and their employees working by sending a business phone home with their employees.  

Hard Phone 

With Unified Communications capable VoIP phones, key business interactions are all managed within your phone system. Cloud based phone systems do not require phone wires and hubs. This creates a freedom of mobility that the old phone system lacks. If a business is running on wires and hubs, the only place where they can receive a business-related phone call is at their brick-and-mortar office.  

The internet based UCaaS system allows businesses and their employees to bring their physical work phone home with them, essentially bringing the office to home. Wherever there is internet access, UCaaS phone systems will function fully, just plug in and they are ready to go!  

In the year 2020, 44% of businesses offered their employees the opportunity to work remotely, this is up from 17% the previous year. VoIP phone systems allow in-office employees to transition into remote workers without any complications, and business can continue as usual. Bringing the phone system home is ideal for businesses, as employees will continue to have access to all the VoIP phone system features available to them when in office.  

Some features of UCaaS phone systems include: 

  • Unlimited Calling US/CA 
  • Business Phone or Toll- Free Number 
  • Multi-Language IVR 
  • Voicemail to Email 
  • Unlimited Multi-Level Auto Attendants 
  • Call History and Quality of Service Reports 
  • Call Recording 
  • Conference Bridge up to 99 Users 
  • Text & Chat 
  • Advanced Call Handling, Including Listen, Whisper and Barge 
  • Agents in Multiple Call Groups 
  • Callback in Queue 
  • Abandoned Call Report 
  • Call Center Reporting and Statistics 

Other exciting UCaaS features: 

  • Remote Worker Connected to Office  
  • Real-time Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring  
  • Private Group Messaging 
  • Document Sharing 
  • Video Meetings up to 25 Users 
  • Webinars up to 1,000 Participants 
  • Multi-Site Management 
  • Popular CRM Integrations with 200+ Apps 
  • Customized Dashboard 
  • Scheduled Reports 
  • Custom Reports 
  • eFax 
  • Assigned Project Manager and Data Engineer for Installation 
business phone home


With UCaaS, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones can now be used as business phones. Key features supported by in-office phone systems are easily accessible within the mobile and desktop apps. An added feature over the physical phone system is even more mobility and accessibility. With VoIP phone systems, businesses can take calls on laptops if extenuating circumstances, such as power outages, occur. When working with the UCaaS apps installed on mobile devices, workers can make and receive business calls on a bus, train, car, subway or even sitting at home on the couch. Remote workers are happy to know that their personal information is kept private and secure when using both the desktop and mobile apps. 

Some favorite features supported in softphones include:  

  • View contacts 
  • View call history 
  • Access voicemail 
  • Chat/SMS 
  • Update answering rules & greetings 
  • Control settings 
  • Make/receive calls 

Take Your Communications Home with Axxess 

The mobility and accessibility of UCaaS has allowed businesses to flourish in a time when uncertainty was at its peak. Turning faithful employees into remote workers was as simple as plugging in their work phones from the safety of their homes or utilizing the app on their mobile devices. In a study done by flexjobs, 96% of workers prefer to continue remote work in some capacity. With VoIP phone systems, businesses can offer their employees the opportunity to work from wherever they are most comfortable and productive.  

With Axxess Networks’ UCaaS solution, you can enjoy all the features listed above and be prepared for the unexpected. We believe in helping your business be prepared for anything, and offer you the tools you need to stay connected no matter what.  Axxess Networks is here for you, wherever you may be. Call us today at 800.360.2000.