Axxess Networks: UCaaS You Need to Offer

As a UCaaS reseller, are you offering the best solutions on the market to your customers? The world of communications is complicated and diverse, with new technologies becoming popular seemingly every day now. Having access to the latest features can make the experience of having modern communications unique for clients.  

While some of your customers may still be on the fence about opting for new technologies like UCaaS, most understand that it has become a necessity in today’s modern world, but we can’t deny that what they are getting with their service is crucial to whether they will stick with the service or not. For that reason, a UCaaS reseller (i.e., you) must consider what services and solutions you are offering to your customers carefully. 

Why Our UCaaS Services are the Perfect Option: 

Nowadays, most businesses are looking for solutions that will make their communications more efficient. Partnering with Axxess Networks can take you to the next level as a UCaaS reseller. Our UCaaS solutions are designed to enhance communication by making them more flexible and reliable with the goal in mind of making your customers happy. We are here to help you grow your revenue while simultaneously offering your clients the solutions they are looking for. 

Our UCaaS systems come with state-of-the-art technology, so no client will ever feel like something is missing. Our hosted PBX solutions are the perfect solution for all businesses looking for flexibility, reliability and scalability with software that is in the cloud. Our devices are easy to set up and designed so clients can take them anywhere they need to go. As a UCaaS reseller you will be happy to know that our prices are accessible, so clients do not have to spend big bucks on switching to our systems. Clients also have access via desktop/mobile for more flexibility. They can also change features instantly and access information whenever they need to. More things that come with our UCaaS system include: 

  • Executive desk phones 
  • Mobile App 
  • Desktop App 
  • Edge Device 
  • Click to Call 
  • Video Telephony 
  • Auto Attendant 

Partner’s Favorite Partner: 

At Axxess Networks, we can work with you so you can offer the best quality UCaaS services to your clients. Not only do we offer all the features mentioned above but our unified communications platform can give your clients the capability to take their communications to the next level with advanced technologies.  

We like to call ourselves our channel partner’s favorite partner! And with good reason. Our goal is to work with you to provide solutions that keep you in control of your own clients. While you do your thing as a UCaaS reseller, we supply you with the support needed to maintain your clients happy with their communication solutions. Ready to join the team? Become a partner to deliver a stress-free phone system that can even make you more money! 

Why You Want to Work with Us: 

  • We provide services across the US and have local presence in virtually every market. 
  • We have competitive compensation packages and on-going training and support. 
  • We scale solutions to thousands of clients across multiple sites and geographies. 
  • You will have access to state-of-the-art collaboration tools and unified communications. 
  • Each project is given a project manager and data engineer to keep installations smooth, so the process will be stress-free for you as well. 

So, are you ready to join our partner-first community and make your customers happy? Become part of our family! We will work with you to grow relationships with your customers that will last! If you still have more questions or are ready to become a partner, contact us and we can get your journey started.