Video Conferencing
as a Service

Tired of lousy visuals, unreliable connections, and confusing interfaces? Our VCaaS solution is here to change that. Now you can bring your remote and in-office teams together instantly. No more long commutes or garbled audio. 

All You Need To Know About VCaaS

What Does It Mean To Provide Video Conferencing As A Service?

Video Conferencing As A Service (VCaaS) is all about making virtual meetings easy and convenient. It brings video conferencing into one handy, cloud-based platform. Instead of juggling different tools for video calls, you can use one app for everything.  

The main idea behind VCaaS is to simplify video meetings for everyone. With just an internet connection, you can meet in one virtual room from any device. Whether you’re in the office, at home, or traveling, collaboration is as easy as pushing a button. 

Our VCaaS Package is All-Inclusive

Other providers might try to nickle-and-dime you for each conferencing function. With Axxess, you get everything you need right from the start. No extra charges or fees. 

Video Conferencing

Host private, face-to-face conversations with colleagues or clients, making communication personal and effective.

Virtual Meetings

Connect and collaborate with up to 25 team members all on one screen, making group discussions more effective.


Host large online events, reaching up to 1000 attendees, to disseminate important knowledge efficient and well.

Collaboration Tools

Access a suite of tools that simplify teamwork, making it easier than ever to work together, share information, and remain productive.

Empower More Apps with Video Conferencing

Our VCaaS platform seamlessly integrates with your favorite tools and applications, allowing you to unlock a whole host of benefits: 

Improve Productivity

Connecting with your favorite tools reduces time wasted on switching between apps. 

Add More Capabilities 

Make your platform even more powerful by connecting it with CRMs, management software & more. 

Reduce the Learning Curve 

Integrating with apps users already know encourages higher adoption rates and better collaboration. 

Check Out The Axxess Alliances: Integrations & Partners That Level-Up Our Offerings

Our extensive partnerships open up a world of possibilities for you and your business. We don’t just offer video conferencing – we offer a complete ecosystem of tools to support your growth. 

Boost your profit margins by delivering our VCaaS solution to your clients